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which he joined back in 1989 when it was only a small organization, becoming a master member a few years later, of what is now, one of the largest recognised Industry Institutions for video producers in the UK.

It is Paul's artistic talent, technical ability and insistence on perfection that has made Apple Video so successful, and earned us the reputation of being probably the best video company in the area. This was further endorsed by the award of the IOV Best Non Linear Edit in 1999, and Best Post Production and Best Camera Craft Awards in 2000.

Since forming Apple Video, Paul has filmed around the world, as far as Romania and South Korea, but it was a local documentary about and presented by young people, highlighting the need for funding to regenerate local areas that he sees as his greatest achievement. The film won several industry awards, but it was the impact the film had that was the proof in the pudding for Paul. Government ministers called the video “A powerful statement that could not be ignored”, resulting in £24 million being awarded to Bolton for area regeneration.

In his career, Paul has also filmed Robbie Williams and Sir Ian McKellen, both of whom were brilliant to work with.


Paul's artistic talent was detected at an early age and at 13 he was transferred to a specialist art school. It was here whilst studying all forms of art, that he first developed an interest in photography and filmmaking.

After finishing his college studies in Graphics, Film Making and Fashion Design he worked for several years as a graphic artist in a commercial studio and then as a fashion designer for two large clothing manufacturers. He then decided that he would like to pursue more seriously his interest in film making, and formed Apple Video in 1988.

Paul is a member of the Institute of Videography, now known as the IOV,


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Paul has made thousands of videos throughout his career, so when asked why he picked these two videos, he commented that he loved producing all of Franca’s videos, and as she is now a close, personal friend, it was a no-brainer. As for Heaven’s Basement, it was another enjoyable shoot where everything came together well, resulting in a great rock video!